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Purchasing A Tent

Purchasing A Tent

The best festival tent

Are you attending a festival soon? Make sure that you have purchased a tent that works perfectly for your needs As a number of major music festivals are coming up in the UK such as the Isle of Wight festival, Love Supreme and Hampton Court Palace Festival, it is time to consider equipment that you might need. You might have thought of some of the basics, including cookware and picnic sets. However, have you got your tent sorted? In this post we have outlined some important considerations when buying a tent.

The best festival tent – what to look out for
We have outlined a number of suggestions below as to what to look for when choosing a tent.

Type of tent
Choose a versatile three season tent. Three season tents are ideal for basic camping. They are also ideal for summer conditions. They are also lightweight, well ventilated and have a roof canopy. Keeping rain out if the weather took a turn for the worst.
Buy a family tent if you are driving. These tents have multiple rooms, providing extra comfort and space for inhabitants. So ideal for groups and families. Something like the Outdoor high-quality 3-4 man tent would be ideal.

Size and shape
Choose the correct size tent. 30 sq foot per person is ideal. However, for extra storage, consider 10x10 ft. Vestibule models are also available. Don’t buy something too difficult to carry however. And make sure you buy a suitable size for the plot available.
Consider an A-frame tent. Lightweight and in-expensive, they are one of the most common. But are prone to damage in high winds so consider this before purchasing.
If extra head room is required. Choose a dome shaped tent. Which contain flexible poles which cross at the top. For a larger tent, consider a geodesic model. Which are more stable due to the pole structure.
Consider dome tents for more head room. Flexible poles cross at the top, providing more room. However, they can be unstable. Geodesic tents are available if more room is needed.
Buy an umbrella shape tent if you require standing. Such a tent is ideal for groups that wish to stand up. Thanks to its large windows and tall walls. Overall, giving a good feeling of spaciousness.

Choose a durable tent. Tents can be made of a number of durable materials. However, the strongest tend to be made of dernier ripstop-nylon fabric. Which are strong, lightweight and water repellent.
Tent poles are available in a range of materials. Aluminium are best. Whilst not being the lightest, they are strong and will last a long time.
Buy a tent with durable zippers. The zippers of a tent play a crucial part in protecting you as they are the barrier between the fabric and seams of the tent. The best quality tents tend to have double zippers so if quality is important to you, consider buying these tents.
Ensure the zippers are durable. Strong and durable zippers are essential because they are the barrier between the fabric and seams of the tent. High quality tents have double zippers. So, if quality is important to you, look out for this.
Purchase a tent with ventilation panels. In the summer, it is vital to have plenty of fresh air coming into your tent. Tents that lack adequate ventilation can be stuffy. Make sure that you will have adequate ventilation to prevent stuffiness and condensation.
Ensure your tent has ventilation panels. It is essential to have plenty of fresh air in your tent during summer. Tents with inadequate ventilation become stuffy quickly. Tents with good ventilation prevent build-up of condensation.
If there are only a couple of you going to the festival, then you might want to consider the 2 Persons Festival Camping Tent for all your festival camping needs
Useful features
Easy set up. If the thought of spending hours setting up a tent simply isn’t for you, look for tents called ‘popup’, ‘easy up’, ‘instant’ or ‘quick opening’.
Buy a footprint. A footprint protects your tents base from bumps and uneven ground. And also prevents condensation getting in. Make sure that the footprint is the correct size for your tent.
Single and double wall. Tents are either single or double wall. Single wall tents are normally light and easy to set up but have less storage space and protection. Whereas double-wall tents provide space and protection but are much heavier.

With festival season coming up, an essential purchase that you may need to make is a tent. Depending on your needs, it can be an expensive purchase, however in this article we have provided a lowdown of what you should look out for. At Escapism, we stock tents suitable for festivals. So why not check them out here?